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Michelin Scooter Tyres Michelin Pilot Sport SC

An adaptation of the highly regarded Pilot Sport tyre found on many new sport motorcycles, the Michelin Pilot Sport SC is designed for large-displacement scooters. Its 100% silica rubber mix, developed from MotoGP racing technology, delivers excellent grip. The tyre's profile promotes aggressive cornering and offers excellent handling on any type of road.

  • Remarkable handling and comfort
  • The true state-of-the-art in scooter tyres, with amazing grip.


Pilot Sport SC Pilot Sport SC £44.50
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Pirelli Scooter Tyres Pirelli SL26 -

Sport-touring tread pattern for Scooter from 10" up to 13"

  • Big grooves design - BIG BLOCKS IN THE TREAD PATTERN, to have good wet performances and to assure riding comfort, high mileage and even wear.
  • Available in MOST POPULAR SIZES.


SL26 Tyre Front/Rear SL26 Tyre Front/Rear £29.95
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Cougar High Quality Motorcycle Tyres Cougar TTL

Cougar tyres offer a range of budget tubeless and tube-type road tyres, fully compliant to e-mark requirements.The motorcycle tyre range encompasses road, trial and motocross, with a growing coverage of scooter and mini moto tyres.

TTL TTL £20.95
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